Great Ways To Improve Your Landscape Design

Transforming your yard with landscape design could be as simple as adding a few special flowering plants. If you want a dramatic change, you may just have to bust out the big tools and create a welcoming space for entertaining, cooking and dining. Each space, however small, has the opportunity to provide you with some sort of escape.

Before you get started, you need to determine a budget. The amount of money you spend, will help you determine what can actually be done in your space and what types of materials you can afford. Once you know the numbers, you should allot a certain amount to each category such as; building materials, plants and flowers.

Many people think a lawn is the easiest and cheapest way to go, however the fact is, you can have a personalized space on a practical budget with low maintenance. It may take some time and hard work to get that lawn up, but once you are done, plant drought tolerant plants, bushes, trees and flowers which will save you big bucks on your water bill.

A lawn-less front yard or back yard are equally as relaxing and beautiful. To save money on plants, purchase the smaller size of the variety you choose. It may take them an extra year to get to the size you want, but you will have saved a bundle. Fill in the empty spaces with annual flowers throughout the year or plant perennials which will come back again and again.

It is nice to be able to have a special place where you may go to and relax. Adding some sort of patio space or deck with a seating area is a wonderful addition to any yard. Decomposed granite is a functional alternative to concrete and easy on the budget, plus it can be easily changed down the road.

If you only have a small balcony or patio space, find planters which hang from the walls and others which can be attached to the balcony railings. Plant hanging vines from them along with annual flowers. The vines will cascade down the sides and give the appearance of a lush garden retreat while the annuals will pop with color and can be changed for the seasons.

A patio awning is another great way to enjoy your yard throughout the year. Add a permanent structure off of your house or a portable one in the yard. String up some lights for ambiance and enjoy a lovely outdoor meal. Add a fire pit on chilly nights and have a marshmallow roast. Hook up some oscillating fans in the summer months and you have a year round hang out.

A yard with creative landscape design is not only an outdoor space, but an addition to the home. When properly designed, there will be a place for you to enjoy your morning coffee, or somewhere private to steal away to for an afternoon nap. Each person’s idea of a great space differs, so do what works for you and your home.

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