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80% of people in Henderson, NV will experience back pain at some point in their lives and need to visit a Henderson chiropractor. Many people are commonly misled to believe that going to a medical doctor’s office is the only way to relieve this pain. At a medical doctor’s office you’ll receive pain medication and muscle relaxers. Those do a great job of covering up the symptoms you’re experiencing, but they don’t do anything to fix the problem in your body that is causing the pain.

When you go to a Henderson chiropractor’s office, they will perform an examination, they’ll take x-rays, and they’ll be able to uncover exactly what is going on in your body – what is causing the pain. Once they find that out, they’ll be able to perform different types of treatment to correct those problems, so that they fix the problem and the pain will go away through the correction, instead of just covering it up with the pain medication. A Henderson chiropractor will do treatments to fix the problems so the back and neck pain will go away forever.

People suffering from neck pain in Las Vegas commonly ask, “how do I stretch my neck?”. Most people in Las Vegas have neck pain, and that neck pain is usually in the back of the neck, and so that’s the area that they typically stretch. However, there are muscles all around our neck – on the front, on the side, and on the back – and it is very important to stretch all the muscles in the neck. The best way to do that is to sit in a chair where you can grab the edge of the chair. Grab the edge of the chair and just lean to the opposite side. The hand that is hold the chair is just holding your shoulder down. Lean to the opposite side and tilt your head to that side. This part of the stretch is going to stretch the middle muscles (the side muscles of the neck). While you’re in this position, look down and you’ll start feeling it in the back of your neck – which is probably where your pain is. Hold that for 20 seconds, and then look up (still leaning to the side and tilting your head to the side). That’s going to stretch the front muscles in your neck.

Hold each of those positions for about 20 seconds. 20 seconds on the side, 20 seconds looking down, and 20 seconds looking up. Do that on both sides. This will help you stretch your neck muscles very well and get rid of the neck pain Las Vegas residents usually have.

Laser Therapy is becoming more popular in Las Vegas as more residents experience positive results. One of the biggest causes of pain in Las Vegas (whether it’s in the neck, shoulder, wrist, knee, foot, or anywhere else) is inflammation. One of the best ways to treat that inflammation is with cold-laser treatment. The cold laser that most chiropractors prefer is called the “LiteCure”. This is a class 4 laser, which outputs over 20 times the amount of energy and healing potential as the next best laser below it. The way it works is the laser energizes the cells, it pumps the cells full of photons, it increases the circulation, and it allows these underlying cells to heal so that the inflammation can be dispersed, which allows the body to heal quicker because it’s working on a cellular level.

This treatment is quick, it only takes a few minutes to treat an infected area, but the results can last for a long time. These class 4 lasers are utilized by many professional athletic teams – they keep them in the locker rooms to use them on the athletes if they suffer any type of injury during the game. So if you think you’re suffering from inflammation, find a chiropractor in Las Vegas that utilizes class 4 laser therapy to get you out of pain!

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