How Exactly Do Eyeglasses Help Improve Your Vision? ? Vision Improvement with Eye Glasses

I just recently got some glasses and I noticed whenever I take them off my vision is somewhat blurry so it got me to thinking. How exactly do eyeglasses help improve your vision?

If you have a poor vision, and have been making some research online of ways to naturally improve your eyesight, then there is a good chance you’ve stumbled on websites where people ask questions as the one asked above. Most these people are those who suffering with a poor vision and would want to correct or improve it. I have been there too, so I know exactly how it feels to have a poor-eyesight. In this article, I will through more light on this subject, and also provide links to internet resources you can use to help you get a better vision.

The truth is eyeglasses don’t improve your vision, they correct vision and the reason your vision is blurry after taking them off is because your eyes have been relying on the lenses to correct your vision. You got used to looking clearly, so they go back to your normal blurry vision which may seem blurrier now that you’ve had glasses on.

For excellent vision, light must be focused on the inner surface of the back part of the eye (the retina). The structures in the front of the eye (the lens and cornea) are designed to do this by “bending” (refracting) light. In many people, however, the light is not focused directly on the retina either because the light is “bent” too much or not enough. Glasses or contact lenses are selected so that they “bend” or “unbend” light as much as needed to focus it right on the retina so that you can see clearly.

I’ve been wearing eyeglasses for more than 12years now, and it made my eyes worse. I’m not trying to discourage you ’cause I myself still wear glasses. Like my current glasses, it made my eyes really worse. I know for sure that before I wore these glasses, my vision wasn’t that bad, but now I can barely see without it. My advice is that as much as possible don’t change your prescription. Try to protect your eyes as much as possible, and don’t change your prescription. Anyway, I got a bit off topic

They will not improve your vision, but correct it – big difference; corrected vision means being able to see well what others with good eyesight see without specs.

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