How to improve our vision?

The eye is the most important sense of our body. Due to some factors, most people do not have good vision or have some eye diseases now. So we are eager to know how to improve our vision and maintain a good vision. Read ahead, the following will give us some tips on how to improve our poor vision.


First, it is necessary to wear different types of eyeglasses in different situations. For example, when we are out under sunshine, we have to wear sunglasses which can block out the harmful rays from the sun. And if we need to work with some heavy machine or tools, it is better to wear protective goggles to protect our eyes from outside particles. And when we are in chemical lab and want to do some researches, it is wise to wear goggles to keep us away from chemicals.


Second, to have our eyes tested by our eye doctor at a regular basis. Though we think it is ok with our eyes, we also need to visit our eye doctor to do eye tests at a regular time. Please keep in mind the earlier we find the eye problem, the easier we can treat it.


Third, taking some Vitamins or herbs will be good for improving our vision. Actually, Vitamins can be not only good for our body health, but also for our eye heath. For example, Vitamin A can give our eyes important nutrition, which can be got from carrots. People who lack of Vitamin E will develop deteriorating vision, so taking some Vitamin E can help us to reduce the possibility of having macular degeneration. While taking Vitamin E, we can also add some Vitamin C, which can produce collagen, in this way, the connective tissues can be protected and finally improve our vision. Besides, zinc can increase our eye cells, and fish oil which contains omega 3 fatty acids can enable us to have lower possibility to get macular degeneration. Vitamin B-12 can assist the red blood formation in our body, so it is important for our brain, nervous system together with our eyes to function well. And some herbs can also be helpful for us to improve our vision as there are some nutrition for our eye health, such as Bilberry extract can improve night vision, the antioxidants in Aspalathus are good for our vision health and immune function, and Mabonia grape extract is able to prevent our retina out of shape.


Fourth, eye exercises are also important for us to improve our vision. The following program is proved to be effective to improve our vision made by Cambridge institute. We can blink our eyes consciously for 10 to 12 times every minute, which is good for cleaning and lubricating our eyes and reducing the eye stress. And flutter blinking for 10 to 20 timers rapidly will also be helpful for us to improve our vision.


Last but not least, reducing the tension and stress and keeping our body balanced can be beneficial to improve our vision. When there is always too much stress or tension, there will be eye problems sooner or later. In order to make our eye muscles to be stronger, we can take the following exercises: while sitting on the chair, let us to relax and have daydream. At this time, our brains are preoccupied, but our eyes are at rest. Then move a pencil to be one foot away, and look at the pencil tip while closing the other eye. And then we can move our eyesight from the pencil tip to the object in the far distance.


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