How To Significantly Improve Your Near Vision Eye Problems

Do you wear reading glasses? Did you know that you may be able to improve your near vision to the point where you can finally put those reading glasses down for good? It may sound unbelievable but new research into eyesight improvement exercises has shown that many of those who wearing reading glasses can benefit from these exercises.

In a study that was conducted by the School of Optometry at the University of California at Berkeley, it was scientifically shown that some of those who performed certain eye exercises were able to improve their near vision. The product that was tested comes from GlassesOff. The studies proved that there was a clear benefit to using the GlassesOff training program. The actual results varied according to several factors including the age of the person as well as their current vision condition. For example, a 47 year-old with an existing near-vision prescription of +1.5 generally is able to have better results, faster, than a person who is 67 years old and has an existing near-vision prescription of +2.75.

The study looked into three areas concerning near vision: up-close reading, prolonged reading time, and speed of reading. It was shown that if you are able to read small font sizes without reading glasses by fully extending your arm, you have about a 95 percent probability of eliminating the need for reading glasses by using the GlassesOff training program. It was also shown that many of the participants were able to reduce their eye age by nearly 9 years by using the training program.

One of the test conducted involved reading newspapers before and after the training. The results were dramatic and showed that after taking the training with GlassesOff, users were able to read fonts much smaller than those used in newspaper print, and this was achieved without the user having to use his or her reading glasses.

Another issue addressed during the study was prolonged reading time. Many of those who use reading glasses are no longer able to read for as long as they once were able to without experiencing headache or dizziness. After taking the training program 90 percent of those who had experienced these types of problems in the past were now able to read without their reading glasses and experienced no discomfort or pain.

It is common knowledge that those who have near-vision problems are often slower at processing visual data. The study examined whether or not there were any benefits in terms of reading speed before and after taking the training program. The results showed an improvement of 17 words per minute following the visual training. In a 2000 word article, this meant reading the article about nine minutes faster than before the training was taken.

Lastly, the study showed that persons of all ages were able to benefit from the GlassesOff training program in terms of improving eye-age. While the actual level of benefit varied, all of those taking the program showed improvement at some level. Want to know more? Visit the site to read in-depth information concerning the study and the program.

Remove your reading glasses quick and easy by the help of those eye exercises. All this from the comfort of your home.

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