Improve Vision Naturally – Can Staring at Computer Monitors Cause Vision Damage?

As our technological world becomes increasingly advanced, there are more jobs than ever before which require us to use computers. With the increasing amount of information becoming more available on the internet, employees and students are spending countless hours in front of a computer monitor. By the end of long work days, most of which are spent in front of computer monitors, fatigue, irritability, and pain due to eye strain are commonplace – up to and including headaches. As we stare at our computer monitors for long hours day, and often forget to give our eyes a break by letting them relax, this can potentially cause permanent eye damage and lead to a plethora of vision problems and conditions.

Naturally, it is impossible for us to live and work without computers in this day and age; they are absolutely necessary as an essential part of our daily routine. At the same time, it is of extreme importance to pay attention to our body, and to provide it with the proper rest whenever it is possible.

How can you pay attention to your body and “listen” for symptoms of harm? Obviously, your body knows more how it is doing more often than you do. If you find your eyes burning while you are working, then you already have overlooked the previous indicators and warning signs your body has tried to give you. So, do not work until your eyes burn, instead take a short break in between every hour you work. This could simply mean getting up and walking around. While this alone is not enough to reduce any eye problems you may incur, you should also do your best to get your eyes off off the monitor every 15-20 minutes for about two minutes. While you are looking away, do your best to look at things both near and far in order to let your eyes focus properly and maintain proper eye movement. The secret is to avoid any and all eye strain from start to finish.

To keep your eyes as moist as possible, maintaining proper lubrication, you should blink as often as possible. Roll your eyes around – it doesn’t matter if you do it with your eyes open or closed. Yawning can also work wonders. Yawning will stretch out the muscles in your jaw and will not let them become too tight, which leads to eye strain and headaches.

It will also be beneficial for you to be in a comfortable posture at all times, so you should adjust the level of your chair when needed. You could also relocate your computer keyboard and screen so you do not stretch your neck or cause your eyes to focus on things with an improper angle.

Finally, make sure you maintain a brightly lit work area, as brighter lighting create a more positive and happier atmosphere – dimmer lighting situations will bring you down, cause drowsiness, or even make you lazier. Just by making simple, little adjustments in your work area and adding short break periods to your daily routine will help in keeping major damage from happening to your vision.

The issues discussed in this article are fully detailed in the Bates Method for Improving Vision Naturally.