Improve Vision Naturally – How Can Improving Your Vision Enhance Your Memory?

To maintain proper health concerning your memory, it is pertinent to have healthy vision. For countless years, relaxing the eyes has always been key to securing and maintaining optimum eyesight. While your eyes must properly focus, so must your mind, as these two do not operate well independently of one another. Neither do they do well with eye strain and mental stress. Because they eyes and the brain are affected equally by the same factors, finding ways to relax yourself and releasing stress from your life is necessary in order for your vision and your memory to work well.

Mental memory drills are a wonderful method to get an idea of your quality of vision. With this particular type of exercise, the ideal result is to keep a visual picture as long as you can. You basically begin by covering one of your eyes, and glance rapidly at any one letter on a page with the eye you have uncovered. After this, shut your eyes in a relaxed manner and keep your mental picture of this letter in your head for as long as you can. Keep a count of how long the mental picture stays before it fades away out of your head. Write down the amount of seconds it takes, then alternate the exercise to the other eye.

Now it is time for you to repeat the exercise, so begin by relaxing the eyes once more. Perhaps one of the best and easiest to bring your eyes into a relaxed state is to shut them gently and focus only on things that put you in a relaxed mood and/or favorable memories. Let your eyes focus on the dark while your eyes are closed, and mentally get lost from your natural surroundings in your mind. Once you feel you are in a more relaxed state, open the eyes and start the exercise once more. Ideally, your results will be much different, and your mental picture will stay in your mind longer this second time. If it doesn’t, then it might be necessary for you to get more relaxing eye exercises to work on reducing eye strain.

Studies have conclusively shown that vision affects memory. Obviously, your eyesight is needed in order to see the mental picture. The more acute your vision is, then the more you will be able to recall and/or store into your memory the details about the object you are seeing. Honing into pleasant thoughts and positive occurrences will undoubtedly aid you in keeping the relaxation of the brain and eyes in check.

Here is one more exercise that can help relax your eyes and improve your vision and memory. In fact, give it a shot today. Perhaps while you are in bed, tune your mind into as many positive events that you encountered during the day. Create a mental picture of all them, recalling as much about the details and colors as you can remember. By tuning into these pleasant thoughts, you will soon find that you will have a clear, relaxed mind, as well as a relaxed body, and inevitably a better night’s sleep.

Ridding yourself of eye strain through relaxation exercises will improve your vision naturally, and also help in improving your memory a great deal.

The issues discussed in this article are fully detailed in the Bates Method for Improving Vision Naturally.

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