Improve Vision Naturally – How Center Fixation Can Restore Your Vision Naturally

When you are looking at something directly and clearly, your eyesight is then deemed to be perfect. This is what is known as “center fixation,” which means that what you see best is that which finds itself in the center of your line of vision. Untainted vision occurs when you look at objects directly and do not have to move the head or your eyes to focus on the particular object.

If your eyesight is not perfect, you actually focus on a side of the object in order to see it clearly. Try this out yourself and where your vision stands at the moment. Look for a piece of paper with the smallest print you can find. Directly look at the words, then look at the paper on one of its sides until you can actually read the fine print. You may need to move your head in a couple of directions before you find the best position for you to read it perfectly. Now, when you see it clearly, notice your position. Are you looking directly at the paper, or are you looking to the side?

The retina is the central part of the eye, which has many light sensing rods. The area which contains these light-sensing rods is called the “fovea centralis.” In fact, it is the exact portion of the eye which was created to provide for the most optimum line of sight. The fovea centralis is not functioning properly if you need to tilt your head to one side or the other in order to see clearly, in fact, it is possible that the fovea centralis may not be working at all. As a defense mechanism against perceived cautions and/or mental stress, fovea centralis can actually shut off as a precaution. If it is not working at all, your vision is guaranteed not to be at its best.

Emotions and moods can also affect our quality of vision. Center fixation may not work properly due to negativity which we are focusing on in our minds. This is because such feelings make us not focus and not make eye contact. Most of the time, problems with our vision are a product of our minds. While teaching yourself how to deal with difficult scenarios can be a cumbersome task, doing so will improve your vision.

Just by educating yourself as to how the eyes operate can aid you in using them to their optimum performance. Teaching your eyes how to focus directly on objects will undoubtedly aid in decreasing and eliminating eye strain, and it will allow them to stay in a relaxing condition.

The issues discussed in this article are fully detailed in the Bates Method for Improving Vision Naturally.