Improve Vision Naturally – How to Reduce the Risk of Developing Cataracts

Your eyes, being the most complex set of organs in the human body, are prone to a large amount of complications and adverse conditions. Perhaps the most common are cataracts. This is because the aging process causes the lenses of the eyes to weaken. Cataracts are basically cloudy blotches on the lens or cornea of the eye which cause vision to become cloudy or blurry. As a result, the lens becomes more dense and loses its transparent qualities as compared to when it was much younger.

Surgery is usually the first solution which is offered by the doctor. It is a commonly held misconception that surgery is the only solution to resolving the issue. In order to perform the surgery, the doctor must wait for the cataract(s) to grow large enough so that surgery can be performed successfully. Once surgery is performed, there is a hole which is left in the lens, which replaced by an artificial, plastic lens to cover the hole so your vision can be restored. The only drawbacks with this procedure are that they are expensive, and more often than not, only temporary fixes. Cataracts often return in another part of the eye, or they travel to the other eye in a relatively short period of time.

Studies have shown that the primary cause of cataracts is stress. The majority of people who have had cataracts have encountered stressful times in their lives, or choose to live high strung. Most of these people are storehouses of energy, who never take time to rest themselves, and seem to always keep themselves busy. The second primary cause of cataracts is a deficient diet, usually eating high-cholesterol foods, high carbs and foods which lack the necessary vitamins, fruits and/or vegetables.

The risks of developing cataracts can be dramatically reduced now, simply by learning how to put your eyes at ease and improving your diet. Foods that have a high amount of vitamins A through E, generally present in fruits and vegetables, will work wonders in reducing the risks of getting cataracts. Improve your lifestyle with regular exercise, quitting smoking, and moderate or no alcohol consumption.

Exercise is the best way to lower the levels of stress and mental strain. Just by exercising once every 5-6 days can make a big difference, even if it consists of a simple stroll around the block. It is also important to allow yourself to rest adequately. After your long days at work, go out in the sun and shut your eyes for 15 minutes as much as you can. Take off things from your need to do list that don’t need to be done immediately, and only take on as much of a workload as you can feasibly handle.

Reducing the levels of stress and/or eye strain in your everyday life will help improve vision naturally. As cataracts are caused as a result of too much mental stress and eye strain, do the eyes a big favor – give them a break from time to time.

The issues discussed in this article are fully detailed in the Bates Method for Improving Vision Naturally.