Improve Vision Naturally – Understanding Astigmatism and How to Treat Them Without Glasses

Astigmatism is a condition which is a natural occurrence as people age. An astigmatism occurs when the eyeball loses its circular form, and eyesight becomes hazy as a result. Many studies have shown that astigmatism cases are also tied to a buildup of excessive strain on the eyes and mental stress. There are small muscles which surround the eyes which help the ball of the eye to expand and contract. By culminating years of tension on the eyes, the muscles around the eye are significantly weakened, which causes much difficulty when the need arises for the eyes to change shape according to surrounding changes.

The truth is that the eyes are not completely a round shape. Your eyes change shape when the need arises. Most people have an astigmatism every once in a blue moon. You can also mimic the symptoms of an astigmatism by pulling the eyelids which will blur your eyesight momentarily. It is the eyes’ natural tendency to repair themselves within as little as 2-3 hours or, at most, a couple of days – without the use of glasses. All corrective lenses – glasses or contact lenses – only cover up the actual root cause and prevent your eyes from repairing themselves.

The eyes are the most complex organs in the human body, and are generally the body’s main source of defense to protect against stress. Normally, people do not acknowledge or forget about such warning signs. Whenever vision becomes cloudy or unclear, it is a warning sign from your eyes telling you to rest up and give your eyes a break.

Whenever you feel stress on your eyes or feel your vision going blurry, there are many exercises you can perform which only take a few minutes to restore yourself to proper vision. First, wind down and get yourself into a relaxing state of mind. It’s now break time for you and your eyes, so drop everything. There is no need for you to get up from what you are doing or anything, just roll your eyes around – with your eyes either closed or open. If your eyes are open, do not look at the monitor or anything that is directly in your line of site, but look at things which are further away to give your eyes the opportunity to focus between near and far objects.

Of course, if you are not at work, but at your house, you can lay down and have someone make a pendulum or something similar and animate it above the head. This will cause your eyes to focus and roll around properly. As the eyes are not created to stare directly for prolonged periods of time, it is important that they become more flexible and able to move so as to observe our surroundings more easily.

Perhaps the easiest solution to prevent and/or alleviate an astigmatism is to include more fruits and vegetables in your diet. This has been scientifically proven to improve vision greatly, due to the high content of vitamins A through E in them. Just always remember that the secret is keeping your eyes in motion constantly, giving them a rest every 15 to 20 minutes or so.

The issues discussed in this article are fully detailed in the Bates Method for Improving Vision Naturally.

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