Improving Vision Naturally – Could Eyeglasses Be Making Your Vision Worse?

Nearly 50% of all the citizens of the USA use some time of artificial vision improvement – whether they be, eyeglasses or contact lenses. While it may seem that these artificial methods may indeed help to improve your eyesight, it is really only a temporary thing. The truth of the matter is that eyeglasses and contacts can never repair or restore your vision. While they may seem to help you see more clearly than if you are not using them, eyeglasses and contacts only treat the symptoms which have deteriorated your vision – they do not provide for a cure for the actual problem for the eyes.

The main problem with any type of corrective lens is that they unfortunately train your eyes to acquire bad habits and make them function improperly. As a result, you will quickly develop a dependency on corrective lenses, which will not allow your eyes to repair themselves. The fact is, if you are able to train your eyes to become more relaxed, by reducing unnecessary eye strain, your dependency and need for eyeglasses and/or contact lenses will vanish fairly quickly.

Studies have shown that mental stress and eye strain are the main culprits which cause vision damage. The secret in reversing these problems is in learning how not to put excess strain on your eyes. This may not be possible initially, this is why learning new ways to lower your level of eye strain is your next step in the process.

Perhaps the most frustrating common problem with corrective lenses is in searching for the appropriate prescription. Unlike other parts of your body, your eyes undergo changes constantly. There are a lot of things which play a part in how well your vision may be. It could be the weather, your quality of health, mental capacity, outside influences and stress that contribute to your overall quality of vision. When it is a clear day outside, our inner moods are generally happier, and this improves our quality of vision. It is nearly impossible for an ophthalmologist to find the perfect prescription for your eyes. If you go to your appointment in a negative mood or when it is overcast outside, your prescription will be sent in according to this initial exam. This would result in your glasses not working well when you are happier, or when it is clearer outside.

To test this out, try not using your glasses or contacts for a week or two – you will more than likely be surprised at the results. Your first one or two days will be a little blurry -for sure – but your eyes will eventually correct themselves naturally, without the aid of artificial eye correction. The only thing you need to maintain – this is the BIG secret – is in making sure that you are not exhibiting too much stress. Try some eye relaxation exercises and let your eyes relax when you find things to be getting blurry again.

Using corrective lenses causes our eyes to become lazier and cause our eyes to learn bad habits which are actually harmful to vision. If you allow yourself to focus on reversing the problem of stress, you will fix the overall problem, and not just cover it up temporarily.

The issues discussed in this article are fully detailed in the Bates Method for Improving Vision Naturally.

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