Information How to Improve Eye Vision and Eyesight without Glasses

Eye conditions myopia, astigmatism and blurred vision defects like without glasses is a common theme among many people is that you can not cure. Have to wear glasses or contacts so that their whole lives, but so far there are several ways to improve vision without glasses, but it should be. Eye exercises, stretching, doing things like eyes and the eyes, including massage. That’s why you have poor vision without glasses can improve, get into action very pleased.


If you experience eye strain when looking at these things without a great help to provide a glass eye exercises can improve. Water, water fills the palm of the hand eye exercises began to wash the eyes and face. You are under water, your eyes blink a few times and it would be helpful. The more pressure you apply it in the palm of your hand and then prove to be very helpful if you close your eyes will focus on the darkness. How To Improve Eye Vision And Eyesight Without Glasses


Over the next 5 minutes, holding each position, which is helpful to move the eye in different directions. Follow the same procedure for the first 5 to 6 times in all directions, would be more beneficial to them. If proven to be very refreshing for the eyes and some times barked. Seal helped to cement the middle of things that should not be accepted.


Massage is always an eye to improve vision without glasses massage, every part of the body helps to improve the health and performance. Eye massage the face and hands with cold water to wash, soak in warm water and towel on head, neck, and cheek rubbing followed. If you rub your eyes serious, but be careful that your fingers do not rub your eyes and forehead. It’s light and you feel pain or discomfort to any great massage.


It’s not the glass that helps to increase the tension developed long stretch eye, can not be ignored. Eye strain, which proved to be very relaxing, stretching the eye is easily seen by both eyes and can pataviyila 10 seconds. After looking over this distance and 10 seconds each time, then down, then followed. Eye movements of 10 seconds each time to keep the stretch and strain to remove support and encourage a good view.


Elongation of the eye or eye exercises can help improve vision without glasses at the end of the grip is. Palming Sit in a chair until they are warm, start rubbing your palms together and not bisa.Jadi, even in the dark and breathe slowly and carefully, and visualizing pleasant scenes. Nice to see a big relief from eye strain and held for 3 minutes each.