Physical Therapy Exercises for Back Injuries

Anyone who has had a back injury knows how terribly unpleasant it feels. The condition causes atrophy of the back’s smaller stabilizing muscles. Physical therapy exercises for back injuries can help to provide relief as well as prevent the recurrence of such injuries. Those looking for treatment should incorporate complete rehabilitation of the spinal components while also looking into the health of the spine. Treatment that focuses on providing only symptomatic relief is short-lived.

The injury can result from any of several causes including muscle spasm or strain, slipped disk, joint problems, or ligament sprain. A more common cause is improper use of the back muscles to perform every day tasks inclusive of yard work, lifting heavy furniture, or any other action that you are not used to doing. The rehabilitation routine varies from patient to patient. It would depend on the evaluation received from the physical therapy and physician.

Stretching is a Common Rehabilitation Technique

Stretching is the exercise most commonly adopted for an injured back. It helps to prepare the body for difficult work that leads to further stabilization. The general rule is that there should be no stretching at the area of inflammation. In the first 24 to 48 hours of back injury, your tissues are susceptible to stresses laid on them. Stretch traction carried out by a qualified physical therapist would increase the space in the invertebral foramen. Traction may be suggested for arthritic bone spurs or spinal nerve root irritation.

Range of Motion – These are movements that help to improve or preserve the mobility and flexibility of the joints. These movements also prevent deformities and reduce stiffness. Indeed, gentle but regular stretching movements can help to improve the range of motion.

When you go to a physical therapy center for treatment of your condition, the treatment plan will include hot or cold compresses and massages. It is important that you choose the right therapist. You should feel comfortable with your therapist. This is absolutely necessary if there is to be free communication between the two of you. He should also be willing to answer all your questions.

Performed correctly, back exercises help to keep the discs, muscles, and joints healthy. Therefore, it’s important that you adhere to a regular exercise routine. This will help keep issues such as stiffness and weakness at bay as well as prevent recurrence of pain. To conclude, physical therapy exercises for back injuries can help to restore health to this most vital segment of your body and are thus highly beneficial.


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