Rotator Cuff Tendonitis Exercises – Physical Therapy Program For Full Recovery

A program of physical therapy is the most effective treatment for a tendonitis. A set of rotator cuff tendonitis exercises outranks any other shoulder treatment for effectiveness and speed. On the contrary, while anti inflammatories help reduce swelling and inflammation, they can not cure the problem but just the symptoms.

A Tendonitis can develop as a stand alone disorder or in conjunction with Bursitis. A Bursitis occurs when the bursa become inflamed as well. The bursa is a sack adjacent to the rotator cuff tendons over which they slide so as not to rub against the shoulder bones. When the tendons become inflamed, the inflammation can also spread to the bursa, hence we can have Tendonitis and Bursitis at the same time too.

When this happens, the swelling of the tendons and the bursa cause a restriction of the space within the shoulder joint, in the sub acromial space. As a consequence, movements become more and more difficult, leading to a self fueling spiral of ever increasing friction, irritation and inflammation. At this point movements become characterized by a distinctive pinching or clicking feeling, the outward symptom of an Impingement Syndrome.

Anti inflammatory drugs do help reduce inflammation and pain but they also lead to a self fueling dependency, as they do not tackle the problem at the root, rather they mask or reduce the symptoms for a while, until the next dosage is needed. So the sufferer can go on for months and months without respite, like for all shoulder disorders.

Ice packs and cortisone injections are also used to cure stubborn Tendonitis. Cold is known to reduce inflammation and swelling naturally, however it needs to be re- applied over and over, and is only temporarily effective. Cortisone injections are a powerful anti inflammatory, but need to be used in severe cases as they carry side effects.

However, rotator cuff tendonitis exercises specifically developed by a professional therapist can help reduce inflammation, swelling and pain naturally, reducing considerably recovery times and eliminating the need for drugs. These exercises consist of external and internal movements targeting the rotator cuff muscles and tendons. The aim is to strengthen the cuff, eliminating poor posture problems and breaking the self fueling circle of irritation and inflammation.

If you have been diagnosed with Tendonitis, rest assured that there is a better and faster way to resolve this long lasting disorder than anti inflammatory drugs. If you are looking for a professional program of rotator cuff tendonitis exercises, check out this website. It could save you months of misery. Click on rotator cuff tendonitis exercises now.

Check out these rotator cuff tendonitis exercises.

rotator cuff tendonitis exercises.