Shocking Eye Exercises That Can Improve Vision Naturally

Did you know that straining your eyes and staring are actually the worst possible thing you could do to damage your eyes? After long and stressful work days, it is very important to allow your eyes to rest so your vision can be restored to your original vision capabilities. Any type of consistent or every day strain on the eyes does nothing good for your eyes, but in fact, can damage the eyes, depleting your vision. Here are some of the three top eye exercises, which are designed to eliminate strain on the eyes.

1) The Dot Exercise — For this exercise, you need to find a period and/or comma on the page of a book you are reading or a newspaper, and try to focus on it to make it as clear as possible. Stare at the period or comma you are able to see it in focus and clear. Odds are that after a few seconds, the period or comma will become blurry.

So, here is what you need to do: Try your best to relax your eyes. Shut them – not tightly – for approximately one minute, and allow the eyes to relax. Now, without straining your eyes, look at the period or comma. Try your best not to stare at it, but allow your eyes to slowly float around the page all around the area of the period or comma. Do not focus solely on the period or comma, as it is necessary to maintain eye movement. Every once in a while, blink a little bit. Close your eyes and try to picture the dot. Open your eyes, and then look at it again. It should be much easier now to see the period, especially since the eyes are relaxed.

2) The Word Exercise — For this exercise you will need to find a word on a page that is made up of more than four or five letters. Without moving your eyes, stare at the word , bringing all the letters into view. Concentrate on the entire word, attempting to get the best possible picture of the word in your head as you see it. Remember that staring too hard and/or excess concentration will cause the eyes to see the word blurry.

Now, it is time for you to rest your eyes and let them glance around the areas around each letter of the word. Blink, and then let your eyes lead you; do not make them look at what you might want to look at. The word should be much clearer and more in focus now that you look at it a second time. By letting the eyes move you will allow them to work to optimum performance – without any eye strain.

3) The Double Vision Exercise — The object of this exercise is to demonstrate how effectively your eyes can work together like teamwork. The great majority of people only use one eye to see an object, while letting the other eye off the hook to do something else. Squinting may seem to bring an object into focus, but this will result in excess eye strain. The secret to this exercise is to allow the eyes to relax, focus on an object without straining or squinting, and use both of your eyes, allowing them to focus on the object simultaneously.

Using and studying exercises to keep your eyes relaxed is perhaps one of the best ways to train your eyes to learn healthy habits and guarantee you great eyesight for many years in the future.

The issues discussed in this article are fully detailed in the Bates Method for Improving Vision Naturally.

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