Tips to Help Improve Your Eyesight

In this article, we give you some basic tips for better vision. By following these, you would get better eyesight without glasses.

Firstly, you must eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. They contain good amounts of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Beta-carotene. If you eat lots of yellow vegetables like carrots and yellow peppers, your daytime vision would be much improved. Blueberries and grapes, too, are highly beneficial, they contain anthocyanins, which are known to improve your night vision. You can also have a 100 mg. supplement, which will work great wonders. You would be pleased to know that wine too, can protect your vision, and give you better eyesight without glasses. But do remember to drink it in moderate quantities. Also, incorporate your diet with nuts and berries, which will not only lower your cholesterol, but also improve your eyesight. Virgin olive oil, too, is highly beneficial to the eyes.

What else can you do? Do get lots of sunlight, as people who get much sunlight generally have better vision than those who don’t. So go out in the sun, don’t spend all your time inside. The sun is beneficial in loosening tight eye muscles, and you would also feel less-stressed and more relaxed. This is a great way to get better eyesight without glasses. You can also do an exercise to relax and strength your eye muscles. Sit down, make your neck and shoulders loose, and relax your mind. Keeping your eyes shut, swing your head slowly from side to side. Remember to inhale and exhale. You can also get better eyesight without glasses by washing your eyes regularly, in a solution of 4 drops of lemon juice in an eye cup of purified water – use it to wash your eyes for half a minute, for each eye, daily. This makes your eyesight improve greatly.

Don’t strain your eyes, at all costs. This is one of the most important causes of poor vision. Remember that it’s essential for your eyes to relax, this is the best way you can see well. Get rid of bad eye habits like squinting, or getting too close to a computer screen. You must also get used to the clear flashes (flashes of seeing clearly) which usually happen during eye exercises. They start off by being very short, but gradually they get longer and longer, till you have highly improved vision. They definitely lead to better eyesight without glasses. You should also take care of your reading, because people who read badly will mostly always have poor eyesight. Don’t make the mistake of reading when you are ill or tired – as this strains your eyes. Only read when your energy levels are high. It’s also important not to read for extended periods in dim light, because this weakens the vision. A 150-200 watts light bulb is perhaps the most suitable for night-time, as this lessens the strain on your eyes. A full spectrum bulb is a good option.

You see, by following these simple tips, you can get better eyesight without glasses.

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