Vision Without Glasses – Improve Your Vision Naturally and Your Memory Will Improve Also

Your quality of vision directly effects how well your memory operates. The better you see a picture or an object, the easier it is for you to remember it later. If your eyes are more relaxed, then they will see and focus on an object better – making it more memorable. Excess stress and eye strain are the primary causes of the majority of vision problems and conditions.

There is a bit of teamwork which is utilized between the eyes and the brain. The eyes process an object, taking in the shape, size, and color. The brain functions to translate the information received from your eyes, and then put it into your memory. As a general rule, things that we look at and see on a daily basis do not take long for our brains to process and recall later. Newer things we encounter take the brain longer to process. If your eyes are more focused on an object, then the memory of the object will be much stronger. By focusing on a newer object, try paying attention to all aspects you believe to be important, as this will allow your memory to remember it much easier. Naturally, the more at rest that your eyes are, your brain will be able to store newer objects faster.

If you allow yourself to concentrate too hard on something that you have no interest in, it will cause unnecessary strain on the eyes, making it harder for your brain to recall. To improve your memory to its highest potential, view the object, relaxing the eyes as much as possible. Here is a small exercise that will allow you to relax your eyes properly in order to improve your memory capacity and quality.

Get yourself in a comfortable position in a chair, or lying in a bed or on a floor. Be sure to sit or lay straight and keep your hands at rest on your side. Close your eyes imagine a picture of the number 5, counting down to 0, in your mind. While you breathe out, try to see the 5 in your head. Allow your eyes to follow the boundries of what makes your mental picture, and focus on picturing the number in your head. Breathe out completely and let all of the air out until you need to breathe in again.

Let your lungs completely fill with air, then imagine the number 4. Repeat what you did before, wholly picturing the number while breathing out, until all the air is expelled and it is time to breathe in again. Repeat the same steps as you count down to 0.

With enough time, you will start to see these images in your head much more clearly, and relaxation of the eyes and yourself will be inevitable.

These are just a few techniques which were a part of the Bates Method For Improving Vision.