Why Eye Exercises Are Essential To Everyone

If you are asked to name the essential things a person has to do in today’s world to ensure they live a healthy and comfortable life, would eye exercises be part of your list? Admit it, it never even occurred to you that exercising your eyes is essential. In today’s world where our eyes are over taxed, now more than ever do exercising our eyes seem more important.

Let’s take a while and go over the things that over tax our eyes. First things first, there’s television. Now, television has been around for quite some time now and when we were children we were warned that too much of it can cause damage to our eyes. But have we ever heeded them? Look around you and you see more people with glasses than those without. Of course this is all relative to where you live, cause where I am from, that is the case. But still the fact remains that television is a leading cause of eye damage.

What else can cause eye damage? Reading in low light. Now, reading by itself isn’t that harmful, but taken to excess and add to it reading in poor light, it’s the perfect recipe for eye damage. All the more we need to do eye exercises. Again, like in the case of television, we have been told to never red in the dark and to not read against the light. But did we ever strictly follow our elder’s rules?

Then we come to computers. If you take a poll today, I’d say that more than 90% of businesses use computers in some form. As a result, whatever our jobs may be, we are exposed to the dangers a computer screen may cause to our eyes. Though some jobs are more computer heavy than others, we all use them in one way or the other. Especially with the sudden surge of popularity of social networks, more and more people are exposed to computer screens. Aside from these, what else can cause our eyes damage? Well, there are cell phones. In an age where the number of cell phones are close to (if not exceed) the world’s population, our eyes are strained more so than we were ten years ago. Especially with the small screens, our eyes take strains that our ancestors never imagined. With all the gadgets that use screens, from phones to computers to mp3 players and GPS modules, we are all at risk to having our eyes being damaged beyond repair.

So what does all this prove? Well, it just goes to show how far daily eye exercise can go to keeping our eyes healthy and sharp. By learning and practicing the proper exercise, we can all prevent ourselves from having to rely on contact lenses or eyeglasses. Or if worse comes to worst, maybe even blindness. So before it is too late, take a while to learn proper eye exercises and be healthy and well. It just takes moment of your time, and I assure you, every time you do it, your eyes will thank you. As an added bonus, it lessens migraines and headaches as well!

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