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How To  Improve Eyesight Naturally ?

Firstly let me mention that it is perfectly possible to improve eyesight naturally as I’ve done a million times in my earlier posts. Your visual clarity depends upon your eye muscles. If it is possible to weaken your eye muscles by bad habits and face deteriorated vision, it is obviously possible to strengthen them by good practices and enhance your vision. Just like any other muscle which can be strengthened in your body, your eye muscles can be strengthened too. It is also true that all eye problems cannot be corrected naturally. Problems like myopia, amblyopia, hyperopia, eye strain etc can be corrected naturally. You must use the information provided in this site with care and diligence :)


Just think about it. How is it possible that saints over the age of 100 in the past had perfect or even telescopic vision ?

Now a days it is common to find Organisations and Clinics teaching people to improve their eyesight naturally. For example The School For Perfect Eyesight In Pondicherry is quite famous now.



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Eye specialists do not do it on purpose. They’ve been studying a lot about the eyes and probably have probably developed a narrow perspective. I guess they’ve lost the ability to believe and try new things.

What Is To Be Done To Improve Eyesight Naturally ?

1) Practice Good Eye And Visual Habits.

  • Sit straight and read your books.
  • Do not lie down and read.
  • Do not read while in a car or bus.
  • Eat nutritious food everyday. Click the link below to find out some healthy food items.
  • ” Healthy Food For Your Eyes”

2) Practicing Eye Exercise

You can find eye exercises by using the search bar on the right or by browsing through this site.

“Eye Exercises To Improve Eyesight”

3) Rest And Relax Your Eyes

  • Blink often
  • Close your eyes for some time after using your computer for 15 minutes.
  • Splash water in your eyes every morning
  • Try to sleep for 8 hours

4) Be Positive

  • Having a positive attitude is really important when you want to improve your health. It has a great impact and is generally never taken into consideration.
  • Visualize your eyes becoming normal daily.
  • Be grateful for your wonderful eyes.

Improve Your Eyes With Your Positive Attitude And Mind

5) Stop Procrastinating and Start Doing

Reading is important and doing is something that is more important. START DOING FROM TODAY


You can also use comprehensive eyesight improvement programs like this one .

Vision Without Glasses – Naturally and effectively improve your vision.