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3 Ways to Improve Vision Naturally | The Dr. Oz Show
May 18, 2012 These simple exercises will help you maintain optimal vision and may also keep those annoying eye floaters at bay. Perform these exercises 

Vision therapy

to improve vision skills such as eye movement control, eye coordination and teamwork. used specifically to improve eyesight, and even to

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Improve Vision Naturally with Eye Exercises
A short program of daily eye exercises may well produce dramatic improvement in your eyesight. I’ll show you eye exercises to strengthen your natural focus and accommodate faster, retraining your eyes to see clearly – just like when you were younger.

5-eye-exercises-for-improving-eye-vision5 Eye Exercises For Improving Eye Vision
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Eye Exercises for People with Different Prescriptions for Each Eye …
Eye exercises are a natural remedy for anyone suffering from poor vision. There are wide arrays of exercises that can be performed, all able to aid certain eye or vision conditions. A major use for eye exercises is to improve 

Improve Your Eyesight Naturally: Easy, Effective, See Results Quickly
Leo Angart, published 2007, 239 pages