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     It can be very trying when our eyesight isn’t as good anymore. And when we notice our eyesight isn’t as good as it used to be we go and visit the local optician. And the result is that we end up wearing glasses or contact lenses.

And now we have resigned ourselves to having to wear glasses for the rest of our lives. And of course with that we are going to have to buy new glasses every couple of years.

But there is a way you can actually improve your eyesight without having to wear glasses, contact lenses, or take lots of eye supplements or even having to resort to surgery.

This technique takes just a few minutes every day. And it’s successful whether you’re short sighted or long sighted. This method is also successful in spite of of how long you’ve had an eyesight problem.

So what is this technique that improves your vision?

Its eye exercises. Simple eye exercises which will help strengthen your eyes so your eyesight improves naturally.

Dr Bates made this breakthrough after examining thousands of people’s eyes. He couldn’t understand why some patient’s eyesight improved. After many years of conducting tests he found that certain eye exercises actually improved people’s vision. Here are some of his most popular eye exercises:

1. Blinking

Blinking – a very simple eye exercise which is often disregarded. It will help keep your eyes fresh for longer periods. This is an important eye exercise for people who look at a computer screen or who watch television a lot as often you just stare at the screen without blinking. All you need to do is to blink every 2 – 3 seconds for 1 minute. Blinking will help to reduce eye strain.

2. Near and far focussing

This is a great eye exercise.

Sit in a comfortable position.Put your thumb about 8″ in front of you and allow your eyes to focus on it.Now you also need to focus on something that is around 10 to 20 feet away from you.Alternate between focusing between your thumb and the object that is further away. You can count such as 1, 2, 3 on one object and then do the same for the other. This is a great eye exercise to strengthen the eye muscles and improve your overall vision. 3. The shape of eight

This is a great eye exercise that will help eye flexibility. This is a straightforward but very effective eye exercise.

Visualize a large figure of eight about 8 to 10 feet in front of you. Turn the figure of eight on its side. Now you need to follow the figure of eight slowly with your eye. Do it one way and then do it the other way. This eye exercises can feel uncomfortable but it’s a great exercise to strengthen the eyes.

4. Palming

Palming is a great way to alleviate stress around the eyes. Palming also helps in relaxing your eyes. This is an excellent exercise to do after any of the above eye exercises.

Sit comfortable and take a few breathes. Now place your elbows on your desk or rest them on your knees. Now close your eyes.Cup your hands and place them over your eyes, the palm covers the eyes. Your heel of your hand should rest on your cheekbone. And don’t press your palm against your eyes as your eyes should be able to blink easily. Do this eye exercise for as long as you want to.Palming allows your eyes to rest. By doing these eye exercises on a regular basis you will find that your eyesight will improve in time.

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