Daily Kos: Open thread for night owls: Myopia

I’ve been watching a show lately called Grimm, I guess I like it.

I went to a new cardiologist yesterday, I guess I like him.

My friends are coming over Saturday for dinner and bringing a Strawberry Rhubarb pie.

As vapid, vacuous, and inane as a vapid, vacuous, inane thing.
I don’t have a cunning plan.
I don’t have anything.

OK, so what’s with the embedding thing? How do we embed now?

I’m not high, I’m drinking coffee.

I bought a Butterfingers the other day. I don’t know what possessed me want to have a mouthful of gravel but something did. I guess I always hope this time It’ll be different, but it never is.
I’ve given up on Butterfingers for good.

Eric’s truck.

Always get on a clean bus in case you get hit by underwear.

I like being out there, it’s better than being in here.

This is how I amuse myself when I have nothing to say, or too much to say in a cramped space of time.
I don’t have the time right now to say everything I would like about this week’s events, and because I don’t have enough to share with the entire class I must make due with what I can.

Ding, Dong DOMA and Prop 8 is dead.

I agree with Lawrence O’Donnell The Robert’s Court kicked off the 2014 election this week with that horrendous decision. We’ve all had to deal this week with the understanding and horror that we have to fight those same odious battles all over again, as if it the VRA never existed. That makes this election almost as important as the presidential one.
How sad for us.

I guess I did have something to say, damn it.
That really roasts my raisin. You want to have fun but you can’t. You work, you plan, then some asshole Chief Justice of the Supreme Court comes along and ruins everyone’s life.

Racist, buttery and stupid is no way to go through life.
I never liked her.

I would marry Keith Richards if he asked me.
But he’ll never ask me, not in a million years.

Words you will never hear anyone say, ever…
Do you have any extra heroin I can borrow?

I’m not afraid if the needles, I’m afraid of the heroin.

Eric, will you kiss me?
I can’t kiss you, you don’t use Crest toothpaste and you’ve got green spots on your teeth.
OK then give me one week, so I can use Crest toothpaste…