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Natural vision correction is the belief that one can improve their eyesight through exercises. Based on this ideology, your eyes, like every other muscle in your body, react to the ways in which you use them. If you do nothing but stare at a computer screen all day, then your eyes will weaken and your vision will decrease. In turn, exercising your eyes can help improve your vision.

Unfortunately, this is only a theory and there is no concrete evidence backing natural vision correction. A person’s need for glasses is based on several factors, including:

  • The shape of the eye
  • The size of the pupil
  • The ability of the eye to shift focus
  • And more!

Still, natural vision correction has many followers.

The History of Natural Vision Correction

The theory of natural vision correction is attributed to ophthalmologist William H. Bates, MD, who came up with the idea more than 90 years ago. His book, Perfect Sight Without Glasses, outlines his solution to poor vision, the Bates Method, which promotes relaxation and eye exercises.

In fact, Bates believed in his method so much that he kept an anvil in his office to smash his patient’s eye glasses.

“The Bates Method tells people to get rid of their glasses and that doesn’t work,” says eye care professional Marc R. Grossman, OD, Lac, who still believes that vision can be corrected without the use of glasses.

“The goal is to make the eye muscles more flexible.”

Grossman says he has witnessed his patients experience positive results through natural vision correction. Yet, the American Optometric Association and American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) say there is no scientific evidence to support such claims. The AAO has examined patients who have claimed to have undergone positive vision changes as the result of eye exercises, but testing says otherwise. The AAO has attributed these claims to the “placebo effect:” If you think something will work, you think you see better even if vision has not changed.

The only proven methods for vision correction remain eye glasses, contacts, and LASIK surgery.

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Natural Vision Correction: Does It Work?

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